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Transform yourself from a student to a start-up founder

World Class Business Studies: Business Management & Start-up Building

Bachelor program at Mykolas Romeris University

Startup studies in europe

Why Business Studies?


startup studies
Business management and startups

Apply to the program and get 25000 USD investment to your start-up idea from our Venture Capital partners!

Young entrepreneurs get connected with investors, corporates, government and society.

You get opportunity to start a successful business while you are studying

Program Leader

Dr. Arturas jurgelevicius
It is my honour and pleasure to meet you here! I am going to be your friend and mentor during your entrepreneurial adventure at Mykolas Romeris university. We are going to build many start-ups and businesses together.

I have developed this program because I truly believe in human kind progress through technology and entrepreneurial spirit.

I have developed and helped to implement over 30 business and start-up projects in different countries and industries around the globe.  I have met and consult truly successful businessmen with net worth of 1 billion euro!
future entrepreneur!
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line on Linkedin

Program Details


  • 3 year studies

  • 180 Credits

  • Full Time

  • EU recognized

  • Erasmus exchange for 6-12 months to any other European University

  • Semester fee 1314 Eur

  • Study language: english and lithuanian

  • Studies focused on practical learning

  • Erasmus internship in global startups and venture capital funds after studies

MRU business studies and startups



eduard halichidis
The start-up project at the MRU finally got me to implement my idea. I learned what is necessary and what you have to pay attention to when setting up a company. Interesting workshops and meetings have motivated me to keep going. I have met with successful business people, accelerators and investors. The course is not about books, it's about learning by doing and jumping in at the deep end to learn fast by making mistakes even faster.

Career Path


Inspire & lead team as CEO

Tech Project Manager

Serial Enterpreneur

Product Owner


Sales & Digital Marketing Guru

Business & Startup Developer

Founder or co-founder



Govtech Innovator

Corporate Venture Builder

See Full Curriculum

About Mykolas Romeris University
Mykolas Romeris university is the largest university of specialized social sciences in Lithuania, the core study directions of which are law, entrepreneurship and management, business studies, public security and public administration. About 7,500 students study at the university.
The University has profound experience in teaching and performing high quality research in areas such as education, economics, humanities, communication, politics, psychology, sociology, business & management. 
MRU was the first in Lithuania to start implementing joint study programs with foreign universities in France, Austria and Finland, and strongly developed research partnerships with universities in South Korea and other Asian regions.

Program Partners


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govtech lab
infobalt lithuania
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