World Class Business Studies: Start-ups Building & Management Bachelor program at Mykolas Romeris University

Apply to the program and get 25 000 USD investment to your start-up idea from our Venture Capital partners!

The sky isn’t even a limit for to those who understand the emerging worlds of innovation and entrepreneurship. Everyone who wants to explore the power of change, to make a good idea great in reality, can make an excellent start at Mykolas Romeris university.

The Power of Idea

     Start-ups Building & Management
   3 years Bachelor program
at Mykolas Romeris university
where entrepreneurs are born..

Start a successful business while studying

- 3 years studies
- 180 credits
- Full time
- Semester fee 1 314 EUR
- EU recognized diploma
- Study language English
- Studies focused on practical learning
- Erasmus exchange for 6-12 months to any other European university
-Erasmus internship in global startups and venture capital funds after studies

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In a world of technology and entrepreneurship, it's important to remain true to what you believe

Career Path..


Lithuania - start-up growing nation in the heart of Europe

Business Hub
Lithuania is committed to providing the best conditions possible to get the business up and running. That is why our country has reached such high global ranks:  11th globally for ease of doing business;  2nd
in the world for procedures to start a business; 3rd lowest profit tax in EU
Entrepreneurship ecosystem of Lithuania is experiencing steady growth and flourishing. Many startups, business angels, venture capital funds, accelerators, mentors collaborate with each other helping young people achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. 
Life is just crazy
Students' life in Lithuania is full of adventures. International environment, restaurants, bars and clubs as well as historical treasure architecture and cultural diversity of Vilnius brings a wonderful atmosphere for students to take the most out of their students' life. 


Associate professor
Dr. Arturas Jurgelevicius
Hey, future entrepreneur!
It is my honour and pleasure to meet you here! I am going to be your friend and mentor during your entrepreneurial adventure at Mykolas Romeris university. We are going to build many start-ups and businesses together.
I have developed this program because I truly believe in human kind progress through technology and entrepreneurial spirit.
I have developed and helped to implement over 30 business and start-up projects in different countries and industries around the globe.  I have met and consult truly successful businessmen with net worth of 1 billion euro!

Some of Professors & Professionals Involed in The Program

Oystein Alendal
Investor and Entrepreneur

Mariusz Soltanifar
Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship Lecturer and Practicioner
The Netherlands

Urte Puluike
The Head of accelerator program GovTech Lab Lithuania

Marius Evers
Co-founder of GameChanger and investor at Global Founders Capital


Ugne Dude
Businesswoman and lecturer



Startup Lithuania
Zyro logo
Govtech lab


Mykolas Romeris university is the largest university of specialized social sciences in Lithuania, the core study directions of which are law, entrepreneurship and management, business studies, public security and public administration. About 7,500 students study at the university.
The University has profound experience in teaching and performing high quality research in areas such as education, economics, humanities, communication, politics, psychology, sociology, business & management. 
MRU was the first in Lithuania to start implementing joint study programs with foreign universities in France, Austria and Finland, and strongly developed research partnerships with universities in South Korea and other Asian regions.


Students' Testimonials

Eduard Halichidis, student from Germany

The start-up project at the MRU finally got me to implement my idea. I learned what is necessary and what you have to pay attention to when setting up a company. Interesting workshops and meetings have motivated me to keep going. I have met with successful business people, accelerators and investors. The course is not about books, it's about learning by doing and jumping in at the deep end to learn fast by making mistakes even faster.

Dhika Nurfandi Rahdia, student from Indonesia

I feel fortunate to be a part of the Startup program at Mykolas Romeris University. This program exceeded my expectations. Access to various resources such as business, investors, and even the government in this class has helped me to improve myself and also establish my startup idea. Fail fast, learn faster and learning by doing are principles I will never forget from these studies.

Zeynep Aslan, student from Turkey

The Start-up projects were really effective. I learnt how to create a MVP and make value proposition clearly. Additionally, it provided professional attitude and expanded my entrepreneurial mindset how to be different instead of being ordinary. This program also teaches us all business process by applying our knowledge and skills into real business life situations. Therefore, that was funny and instructive at the same time.

Halima Ganbarova, student from Azerbaijan

The Start-up course in Mykolas Romeris university gave me great ideas as well as resources to use in my startup project. This program has provided me with a way of thinking that is unparalleled with that of other disciplines. I am able to better visualize business problems, provide solutions, and have confidence in those solutions primarily through my understanding of data. Being part of a Start-up program helped me a lot to learn new skills related to my project and apply them correctly. Special thanks to MRU Startup Hub for motivating students like me by hosting different workshops.

Viktoriia Sapronova, student from Ukraine

The start-up building course is one of the most engaging and useful discipline for my studying experience. The skills that I am getting here with every class I can apply to my future business, because we literally build our product step by step. Now I know and experience how to turn my idea into the satisfaction of my customers and my first income, which tools I should use to build MVP, marketing strategy, to attract investors and first paying clients. If you are interested in launching a start-up or build successful business this program is definitely for you.

Zoe Caccia, student from France

What I really liked about the start up building course is that it goes to the point. We are not here just to gather knowledge, we are here to learn and apply our knowledge. That's why this course is different from other courses I've had.

MRU Start-ups HUB Initiative to connect young entrepreneurs with investors, corporates, government and society.

During the studies, students participate in various workshops, meet-ups, start-up and investors festivals, hackathons and enjoy other benefits of MRU Start-up HUB life.

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